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100% Natural, Organic Skincare for Baby is now available, and it's Made in Australia

La Clinica New Products Skincare

We're so excited to tell to you about our latest bath and body range - La Clinica Organic for Baby.  It really ticks every box for us.  Firstly, it's 100% Natural, made with Certified Organic ingredients.  In fact, La Clinica is the only company in Australia that makes its skincare products with Silica Spring Water, sourced from its own Certified Organic Farm, located in the spa region of Daylesford, Victoria.  All La Clinica products are free from synthetic ingredients, artificial fragrances and nasty sulphates.  The range is gentle on newborn skin, pH balanced and suitable for eczema.  It is also Vegan friendly and Gluten Free, making it suitable for the entire family.

We particularly love the Nappy Wipe Lotion.  Now there is finally an alternative to harsh, irritating baby wipes.  The Soothing Lotion is a real winner too.       

All products in the range are must-haves for new mums, including the Stretch Mark Belly Rub, made specifically for Mum.  The range is very reasonably priced and the packaging is simple and stylish, making it a great addition to a Room to Bloom Gift Box or Hamper.  There is also a La Clinica Gift Set available, which is a great opportunity to sample the range.  It contains four retail size products, beautifully contained within a classic La Clinica toiletry bag, and it's great value for money.  

La Clinica is a 100% Australian owned and operated company and its products are manufactured in its own Certified Organic facility in Melbourne, using local and imported ingredients.  The Organic for Baby range has been developed, formulated, tested and refined since 1995, without animal testing, so you know you can trust it on baby's precious skin.

We couldn't ask for anything more.


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