NEW SNUGGLE HUNNY WINTER KNIT BEANIES HAVE JUST ARRIVED! Newborn Baby Gifts and Gift Hampers delivered Australia-wide since 2012. Customised gifts for individuals, groups, corporate employees and client gifting. NEW SNUGGLE HUNNY WINTER KNIT BEANIES HAVE JUST ARRIVED!

How do you Choose the Perfect Baby Gift?

It's been a little while since I added a new brand into my collection.  It's always a big decision for me.  Imagine choosing a gift for your best friend.  Now imagine choosing a gift for someone else's best friend.  Multiply that by hundreds and you begin the feel the pressure.  I'm referring to the pressure of selecting a range of gifts that is not only breath-takingly beautiful -  that look, smell and feel amazing, but are also designed and manufactured to meet the highest standard of quality and ethics (environmentally and socially)  These factors are important when selecting any type of gift but for a baby gift, informed choices are absolutely critical.  Where babies are concerned, purity and safety comes first.  Of course, absolute cuteness follows a close second.

I scout around for the perfect gifts in various places, but it takes time, lots of time.  I study popular threads to see what's trending.  I observe celebrity style.  I pay close attention to the baby mummas around me and I ask lots of questions to discover what's popular and what products really work (and what disappoints).  I actually read the About pages of the brands I'm investigating (yes, I'm that person) and study their social media pages, including the product reviews.  I visit trade shows with strict criteria in mind and I speak to the makers.  I ask plenty of questions and hope to hear the right answers.  I suppose you may liken it to a really long job interview process, all in search for the best of the best for baby.  So my point is, if you need a baby gift quickly, please don't cut corners.  Do your research, and if you can't be sure you've found a gift that is safe, pure and perfect for the new bubs, just leave it to me.  My service is my gift to you.

So, following lots and lots of research I will shortly be launching a new range that has been hand-picked and meets all my strict selection criteria.  

There are just a few more things to organise before the big reveal so stay tuned.  Keep a close eye on my Insty and Facebook pages too.  

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