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Jellycat London has arrived

It's time to welcome our latest brand on board - it's Jellycat London

Jellycat's cute little creatures have been making quite a name for themselves right around the world and I'm really excited to announce they are finally here.  The most well-known Jellycat creations are the Bashful Bunnies.  I'm sure you will fall in love with them, as I have done.  Those cute little bunnies are so soft to hold and touch, they have the most adorable faces, velvety noses and flopsy mopsy ears.  They have also been designed with slightly heavier bottoms to help them sit.  In addition to the bunnies, we are also stocking Bashful unicorn who is equally adorable with its shimmery horn. 

As their name suggests, all Jellycat London toys have been designed in London.  

Keep an eye out for the arrival of new Baby Gift Hampers featuring these gorgeous plush toys.  They're bound to be a hit with babies and mums.

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