"Our favourite part was the photo that was sent, so we could see the hamper curated before it was sent. A service we'd not had before. A++++" - Alex, Room to Bloom customer "Our favourite part was the photo that was sent, so we could see the hamper curated before it was sent. A service we'd not had before. A++++" - Alex, Room to Bloom customer

Looking for the Best Baby Gift Hamper?

Looking for the Best Baby Gift Hamper?

There must be a gazillion baby gift hampers on the market, so here are the top reasons to choose a Room to Bloom Baby Gift Hamper.

1. Any arrangement of gifts is possible.  That's right!  Any of the Baby Gift Hampers you find in my store can be changed a little or changed or lot.  If you're feeling super creative, you can design your hamper from scratch. The process is simple and you are in control.

2. You needn't read endless lines of text to establish what's in your hamper.  On each Gift Hamper page, all items are listed individually with clear images.  By simply clicking on the item name, all the detail about that product appears in a new tab, including additional images.

3. Because you can clearly identify the contents of each hamper, there are no sneaky cheap fillers making your gift hamper appear more abundant.  No new parent needs to receive useless, second-rate bits and bobs.

4. I understand you have a budget.  Who doesn't, especially with the cost of living right now?  Every gift hamper includes itemised pricing, so you can confidently understand the price breakdown of each gift hamper.  This also makes it easy to adjust the contents of a hamper to meet your budget.

5. Trusted Brands.  You can count on the quality and value of each item.  Not only are these brands produced to the highest, ethical standards, they also represent the latest fashion and are the go-to brands for new mums and the style-conscious shoppers.

6. You only deal with me.  I am here for you every step of the way.  I can accurately and quickly answer any questions you have and ensure there is no delay in the arrangement and dispatch of your gift.  I'm contactable by phone, email, text, social media messaging etc.  I'm confident of my products and service, so you can always reach me.

7. With almost ten years of experience, I can foresee any potential order issues and preemptively, check various aspects of your order without you even realising it. I check your shipping address is complete, make sure there are no double-ups in the order, ensure you have included a gift message and that it includes your name, and more.

8.  I send you a professional photo of your gift, complete with your written gift message before your gift arrives at its destination.  I began this practice after feeling disillusioned sending flowers to family and friends.  Many times, I would be left wondering if the delivered product had even been accurately represented and described in the first place.

9.  I don't file any order until it's been safely delivered.  Even after you receive your shipping confirmation, I track your delivery to ensure it's safely delivered into the hands of your loved one.  I realise the intrinsic value of your gift, not to mention the monetary value.  If there is any delay or complication with a delivery, I will follow this up with Australia Post and have it sorted in the shortest time-frame possible.  It's all part of the service!

Finally, if you don't believe me, please listen to my customers.  My reviews are genuine and unfiltered and for that, I am proud and grateful.  

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