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Tips for Designing a Beautiful Baby Gift Hamper

Sometimes a client will call and ask for help designing a gift.  Whether you create your own gift hamper, select a prearranged gift from my Baby Gift Hamper collection, or tweak an existing hamper, here are my tips for designing a beautiful gift hamper.

1.   Choose a theme, be it colour or design, eg, floral, sea life etc.  Don't be afraid to experiment with non-traditional colours.  Earthy, natural tones are really in right now and gender-norm colours are not for everyone. With this in mind, begin by choosing a swaddle and/ or an item of babywear.

2. Avoid choosing more than one item with a bold design such as a multi coloured floral piece. Instead, pair a bold design with a complementary block colour or simple pattern such as stripes or spots. My collections include many design and colour options, chosen to complement each other perfectly. 

3. While colour is important, so too is texture.  Try to include items with differing textures, eg, cotton, wood, silicon - soft and hard.  Your hamper will be a feast for the fingers as well as the eyes. Consider an aromatic bath & skincare product which is practical and smells divine or a rattle to add the dimension of sound and encourage play.

4. Shop by collection, and aim to select your gifts from various collections rather than choosing all items from one collection.

5. I highly recommend including a soft toy in your gift hamper.  Toys inject personality and are the first item gift recipients usually see when they unwrap their gift box.  For example, a monkey may add a little cheekiness, while a bunny is super cute.  They are the "awww" factor. 

6. The best gift hampers only contain natural, quality, essential items that mum will use and baby will love.  These are the only items Room to Bloom stocks and that's why my gift box hampers are so popular.  If you're looking to include extra surprises, dribble bibs, topknot headbands, socks and teethers are great ideas.

7.  Nothing personalises a gift hamper more than a handwritten card with your very own message.  If your gift is being sent, this is your chance to send your personal best wishes.  When it is time for you to supply your message, please make your message as short or long as you like - and as formal or silly as you like.  I've even handwritten messages in other languages. Proof reading is a little tricky when you can't speak the language, but is still a necessity.

What next? Simply sit back and leave the rest to me.  The natural, essential qualities of your gift will be reflected in the packaging, beginning with the natural wood gift box.  I reject clear cello wrap and other unnecessary plastic packaging.  The planet, and that new little being you are celebrating, don't need more of that. The embossed paper and gorgeous ribbon on my gift hampers are the icing on the cake. How exciting it is for mum and dad to unwrap their special surprise.  Right from the moment of unboxing, your hamper will impress.

Whether or not you follow these tips, I have no doubt you will design an absolutely beautiful gift hamper and if you're not confident, simply choose one from the Baby Gift Hamper collection.  Making your custom orders is an absolute pleasure and nothing is more rewarding for me than sending you a photo of the finished product. What are you waiting for?



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