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Happy Little People

Happy Little People Card Deck: The First Year (0-12 months)


Looking for a gift with a difference?

This Happy Little People Card Deck consists of 52 creative games & activities for babies aged 0-12 months.

As well as supporting baby's learning, these stylish cards also inspire, guide and empower parents during their child's first 12 months.

Happy Little People activities have been thoroughly researched and tested and align with the Australian Early Years Framework.  Tailored around key developmental milestones for baby’s first year of life, some of the key benefits of the Happy Little People Activity Cards include:

Auditory & visual development
Cognitive & sensory development
Fine & gross motor skills
Language & early literacy/numeracy
Discovery & exploration
Social & emotional skills
Creativity & curiosity
Independent play

What parents say...

"We’ve only been using these cards for six months now, but they are amazing! I’ve been able to create a meaningful and close bond with my daughter using the ideas provided. The cards are easy to read- I leave them on the fridge and my mum can use them when she’s babysitting :) I’ll definitely get some for when my friends have babies of their own!" - Caitlyn

"Bought some for myself and some for my best friends due 6 weeks after me and gifted them to her as part of her baby shower gift. She loved them!  We both can't wait to use them! Knowing how important the first 12 months of development is, it's going to be great having these on hand in the Nursery for my husband and I to use through our bubs first year. Thanks so much!!" - Niki

The Happy Little People Card Deck is a unique and meaningful gift parents love.

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