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Growsuits and Zipsuits. Which suits you?

Growsuits and Zipsuits.  Which suits you?

Trying to chose a baby suit?  Although I hope you're feeling spoilt for choice, you may be finding the various options confusing, so I'm going to break it down for you.

Baby suits are a great choice of babywear as they keep baby snug and warm and they're an affordable way to add functional clothing into your gift box.  All baby suits in my store are made from 100% organic cotton.  

In the Wilson & Frenchy collection you'll find the complete Autumn Winter 2022 range of suits, these are all those with long sleeves.  If you're lucky, you may still find some short sleeve styles from the Spring Summer 2021 collection.  These are suitable for warmer climates and perfect for layering.  They're also on sale, so there are some amazing bargains to be had.

Within the AW2022 collection, there are Growsuits and Zipsuits.  Put simply, Zipsuits have a one-way zip and Growsuits don't. Growsuits feature buttons and snap button fasteners instead.

There are two styles of Growsuit - the French Terry Slouch and Waffle Slouch. 

The French Terry Slouch Growsuits have a relaxed fit, are lightweight, comfortable and made from soft-washed cotton. They feature a henley neckline for easy dressing and a snap leg opening for quick nappy changes. They also have the cutest knee patches to protect baby's knees while on the go.  This design doesn't have feet, so you may want to consider popping a cute pair of Lamingtons into your gift box.  Look for the Cameo Rose, Pretty Floral, Arctic and Dijon French Terry Slouch Growsuits.

The Waffle Slouch Growsuits are warm and comfortable, and have a relaxed fit.  They're made from 100% organic waffle cotton and feature a henley neckline and snap leg opening.  They have adorable patch pocket accents.  Look for the Peony Fleck, Mint Fleck, Fog Fleck and Blue Fleck Waffle Slouch Growsuits.

When it comes to zipsuits, there are three styles - printed, printed rib and striped rib organic cotton zipsuits.

The printed zipsuits are cosy and gentle on baby's sensitive skin with a gorgeous all over hand-illustrated print.  These suits have fold-over feet to fully enclose baby's feet while allowing for growth. Look for the So Peachy, Hello Birdie, Lovely Lemons, Mr Fox, Forest Animals, Hello Fern, and The Forest Zipsuits.

The printed Rib Zipsuits are made from snug-fitting stretch wide-rib cotton.  They feature fold-over feet and an all-over hand-illustrated print.  Look for the Robin, Pretty Floral, Little Leaf and Tiny Feather Rib Zipsuits.

The finely striped Rib Zipsuits are also snug-fitting and made from a narrow rib cotton. These zipsuits have all-in-one feet.   Look for the Cameo Rose, Coral, Arctic, Dijon and Blue Depths Rib Zipsuits.

All zipsuits in size 0-3 months also feature fold over mittens to protect baby's face from little fingernails.

The choices are many but you really can't go wrong when you're guided by your likes and budget (and this little explanation from me).

If you're still a little unsure and would benefit from some more advice, please reach out to me.  I'm always happy to further assist.

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