"Our favourite part was the photo that was sent, so we could see the hamper curated before it was sent. A service we'd not had before. A++++" - Alex, Room to Bloom customer "Our favourite part was the photo that was sent, so we could see the hamper curated before it was sent. A service we'd not had before. A++++" - Alex, Room to Bloom customer

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Hey Diddle Diddle

Hey Diddle Diddle

Do you remember your favourite childhood nursery rhyme?  How about your favourite toy?

There's something intrinsically special about a child's favourite toy.  Up to 70% of young children develop strong attachments to objects such as toys or blankets. In studies, psychologists have found children become emotionally attached to cuddly toys because they intuitively believe they possess a unique essence or life force.  Even very young children become attached to these intangible qualities that cannot be replicated.  

A child's favourite toy, often one of their first toys, is likely to become a very important part of their daily routine.  In fact, that special toy may even become a part of a child's "growing up" story.

A quality, timeless toy is a beautiful, thoughtful gift to give a new baby. 

Recently launched in store is the And the Little Dog Laughed collection.  Designed locally by Kylie Platt, each high-quality soft animal has its own unique personality and features a cute little bio its swing tag.  Kylie has a passion for fabrics and design, and designed the range with different fabric combinations, adding layers for detail and effect.  

These high-quality toys are simply lovely.  Each is unique, super sweet, and perfect for inspiring a child's imagination. Just like a favourite nursery rhyme, these toys will never be forgotten and always be cherished.

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It's all in the detail.

It's all in the detail.

I've just introduced three gorgeous new toys from Jellycat London, extending the Room to Bloom collection of blossom bunnies.  These adorable flowery bunnies have been a huge hit.  Is it their retro floral ears and feet or simply the range of covetable colours?

If you love the colour sage, you'll love Blossom Sage Bunny.  Her serene green colour and delicate pastel blossom accents are a perfect combination.  This beautiful bunny will be the highlight of her gift box as she makes her way to her special new friend. 

Due to popular demand, Bea Blossom bunnies are also back in stock and they're available in two sizes - Blossom Bea Small and Blossom Bea Medium. 

If you're looking for a bunny with a twist, consider a Jellycat Blossom Bunny Comforter.  Is it a toy, or a small blanket?  Let baby be the judge.  This comforter has been designed to help babies self-soothe, settle and support themselves through developmental changes.  Two colours are available - Blossom Blush Bunny Comforter and Blossom Silver Bunny Comforter.

It really is all in the detail.  Delicate, dainty and delightful - three words to perfectly describe these blossoming beauties.

You can view the entire Jellycat London collection here.

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Have you met Buddy and Boots?

Have you met Buddy and Boots?

This week we welcomed Buddy and Boots, two adorable pups looking for love.  These loyal dogs are the creations of Nana Huchy, one of our favourite Aussie brands.

According to his bio, "Buddy, or Bud as he is more commonly known, is a shy and gentle dog.  He is the kind of dog that will do anything for his master.  Although he is shy, he is also unbelievably smart & can be taught all kinds of tricks!"

Boots, on the other hand, "is a dog with his head in the clouds.  He's often found gazing at reflection in puddles or having a philosophical discussion with Buddy the Dog & chatting with humans."

Know a little one who could fall in love with Buddy or Boots?

All Nana Huchy creations have their own unique personalities, and if you're not a puppy person, you may prefer a koala, dinosaur, elephant, donkey, pig, camel, cow, lion, bear, bunny... the list goes on.  Every character-filled creature is beautifully soft and of superior quality.  These toys are a wonderful inclusion in a unique baby hamper and are guaranteed to add personality and warmth.

Enjoy browsing Room to Bloom's Nana Huchy collection.

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