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Top 5 Baby Gifts for Christmas 2015

With less than five weeks until Christmas, now is the perfect time to write your gift shopping list.  With catalogue after catalogue arriving in the mail, full of amazing gift ideas, it's easy to think of a gazillion gifts you may want to buy for your sister, your friend, your husband or your kids.  But looking through every glossy page, you soon realise there are very few ideas around for babies.  Baby's first Christmas is really special, so here are a few ideas for Christmas 2015 that mum will love.

Baby's First Christmas

1.  Soft Toys.  Bring the joy of Christmas to the face of a little one with a toy to love and cherish for years to come.  Safety first when it comes to choosing a baby toy. The first thing a baby will do with a new toy is put it into its mouth, so you need to choose wisely.  Be sure that your gift meets Australian safety standards.  We suggest a soft toy for baby with no loose or detachable parts (including batteries) which can be a choking hazard.  Don't always trust a cheap toy.  As they say, you get what you pay for.  Don't risk buying a toy produced with nasty filling or hazardous dyes.  Our pick for 2015 is the Australian-designed Maud n Lil Bunny.  Every Maud n Lil toy is made from 100% Certified Organic Cotton with natural cellulose filling fibre.

2.  Baby Massage Oil.  Babies love massage as much as we do.  As well as relaxing baby, gentle massage can also strengthen the bond between between mother and baby.  Baby Massage Oil can be used directly on baby's skin or added into baby's bath (a few drops).  It can really help to calm and soothe baby before sleep, which is as much a gift for mum as it is for baby.  We love La Clinica Organic for Baby Calming Massage Oil with Organic Jojoba Oil and certified organic plant extracts of Chamomile, Calendula and Frankincense.  The Aromatherapy Company Therapy Baby Nourishing Lotion is also ideal for massage as is Thurlby's Essential Baby Calming Touch Body Massage Bar.


3. Summer Clothing.  With Christmas heralding the arrival of a long hot Australian summer, mum will really appreciate some quality, comfortable summer clothing for baby.  On a hot day, a nappy is sometimes all that is required on baby's bot, so how about some gorgeous bloomers and a matching top?  Sapling's super-soft heart bloomers and tops are just the thing.  Not only are they right on trend, they're also designed in Australia, made from 100% Certified Organic Cotton and dyed with 100% GOTS approved water based dyes.  Great for baby and great for the environment.

Sapling Little Boy Blue clothing 

4.  Bibs.  Bibs.  Bibs.  If you're a practical gift-giver, you can never go wrong with bibs.  As a mother who had a baby with severe reflux, I can tell you first hand that a new mum can never have enough bibs.  Alimrose offers a really beautiful range of chevron-patterned bibs.  These bibs offer vintage appeal with current styling and are available in four different colours.  Each bib has the bonus of a matching bunny rattle.  So adorable!  

5.  Complete Gift Sets.  If you're feeling overwhelmed by your enormous shopping list and you just want the decisions to be made for you, then perhaps a Gift Set is what you're looking for.  A Gift Set is a thoughtfully selected, arranged and packaged set of complimentary gifts.  As a huge fan of The Aromatherapy Company, I'm really taken by the Therapy Baby Gift Set - a retail size Botty Balm, Soap Bar and Bamboo sponge packed neatly inside a reusable wooden box.  And best of all, mum can also enjoy the pampering with her own Therapeutic Gift Set containing a Therapy Hand Cream, Soap Bar and Bamboo sponge.    


They're my Gift picks for 2015.  I hope these ideas may help to make your Christmas shopping expedition a little easier.  Avoid the hustle and bustle of the bricks and mortar shops and begin your Christmas shopping right here, right now.  With free luxury gift-wrapping and reliable delivery it couldn't get any easier.   

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100% Natural, Organic Skincare for Baby is now available, and it's Made in Australia

100% Natural, Organic Skincare for Baby is now available, and it's Made in Australia

We're so excited to tell to you about our latest bath and body range - La Clinica Organic for Baby.  It really ticks every box for us.  Firstly, it's 100% Natural, made with Certified Organic ingredients.  In fact, La Clinica is the only company in Australia that makes its skincare products with Silica Spring Water, sourced from its own Certified Organic Farm, located in the spa region of Daylesford, Victoria.  All La Clinica products are free from synthetic ingredients, artificial fragrances and nasty sulphates.  The range is gentle on newborn skin, pH balanced and suitable for eczema.  It is also Vegan friendly and Gluten Free, making it suitable for the entire family.

We particularly love the Nappy Wipe Lotion.  Now there is finally an alternative to harsh, irritating baby wipes.  The Soothing Lotion is a real winner too.       

All products in the range are must-haves for new mums, including the Stretch Mark Belly Rub, made specifically for Mum.  The range is very reasonably priced and the packaging is simple and stylish, making it a great addition to a Room to Bloom Gift Box or Hamper.  There is also a La Clinica Gift Set available, which is a great opportunity to sample the range.  It contains four retail size products, beautifully contained within a classic La Clinica toiletry bag, and it's great value for money.  

La Clinica is a 100% Australian owned and operated company and its products are manufactured in its own Certified Organic facility in Melbourne, using local and imported ingredients.  The Organic for Baby range has been developed, formulated, tested and refined since 1995, without animal testing, so you know you can trust it on baby's precious skin.

We couldn't ask for anything more.


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