"Our favourite part was the photo that was sent, so we could see the hamper curated before it was sent. A service we'd not had before. A++++" - Alex, Room to Bloom customer "Our favourite part was the photo that was sent, so we could see the hamper curated before it was sent. A service we'd not had before. A++++" - Alex, Room to Bloom customer

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Celebrating 10 Years of Gifting

Celebrating 10 Years of Gifting

This month Room to Bloom turns 10.  What began as a bud of an idea is now a blossoming business.

Room to Bloom is my third baby.  Ten years ago, with a 4 and 6 year old, it was time to fill the void that was about to open with my youngest setting off to primary school.  With a background in marketing, a love of design and experience with my own babies, Room to Bloom was born.  At that time, online shopping was still in its infancy.  In fact, my original website was built from scratch by my clever husband.  Boy, has the online experience come a long way since then.

Over the past ten years, I've managed to forge really strong relationships with some of the best baby product designers in the country and beyond.  Now Room to Bloom is an official stockist of the most popular (for good reason) boutique brands in Australia.

By far, the best part of this business has been connecting to amazing customers in Australia and beyond.  Without returning customers, small businesses like mine just don't last.  I pride myself on providing a service that truly makes your lives easier and you have rewarded me with your ongoing loyalty and recommendation to others. 

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting and nurturing my baby. I can't wait to see where the next 10 years takes us.

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What's new from Snuggle Hunny?

What's new from Snuggle Hunny?

Have you checked out the new designs from Snuggle Hunny?

They're easy to identify.  Just click on the Snuggle Hunny collection, and look for the products flagged with "NEW".

There are four adorable new floral designs including Camille and Spring Floral which are both available as Jersey Wrap/Topknot sets.  If you prefer muslin swaddles, Camille, Spring Floral and a third design, Golden Flower, also come in muslin.  If you do choose muslin, matching topknot headbands can be purchased separately.  The fourth floral option is the Pink Wattle Jersey Wrap set with matching topknot beanie.  If you love pink and Australian natives, this may be your number one pick.    

If you're looking for something a little more gender neutral, there's a gorgeous new Koala print available as a Jersey Wrap set (with matching beanie) or a muslin swaddle.  Alternatively, there's the Bronze Palm Muslin Swaddle. 

If dinosaurs are more up your alley, you'll adore the new Dino Muslin Swaddle and matching beanie sold separately.

These styles are already selling like hotcakes, and there are a limited number available.

Do you have an all-time favourite Snuggle Hunny design?  Feel free to share your favourite SH design with me in the comments box below.  I'd love to know. xx

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Choose Sustainable Baby Fashion this Summer

Choose Sustainable Baby Fashion this Summer

Here comes the sun.  Who's ready for lighter fabrics, brighter colours and fun prints?

Wilson & Frenchy's Spring/Summer 2022 collection is here now and it's totally blissful. Because one-piece suits are so functional, popular and easy to gift, you'll find all the Wilson & Frenchy short-sleeve, long-leg onsies at Room to Bloom.  Perfect for all seasons!

Discover these adorable themes:

Bonjour -  This classic theme includes Chasing the Moon and Leaf Stripe.
Seaside -  A coastal collection with Ollie Octopus, Dawn Stripe, Seaside and Little Pelican.
Feeling Fruity -  Playfully features Fruity, Little Clover and Plum Stripe.
Peek-a-Boo -  Cheeky designs include with Roar, Peek-a-Boo and Squiggle.
Summer Garden -  Look for sweet Little Swan, Little Garden, Perfect Pears and Toffee Stripe

All featuring stunning, original Wilson & Frenchy hand-drawn illustrations.

They don't just look beautiful, they're beautiful through and through.  The exceptional materials and workmanship make each timeless piece suitable as a hand-me-down for years to come. Wilson & Frenchy is dedicated to its ethical approach to production and its impact on the planet. 

When you choose Wilson & Frenchy collection, rest assured you are choosing a gift not just for your little one but for the future of little ones around the planet.

“Sustainable fashion is not a trend but the future.” – Antonia Böhlke, founder and editor of MOCHNI, ethical magazine and fashion directory for a global community of conscious people

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Introducing BIBS

Introducing BIBS

You're possibly wondering why I would be introducing BIBS when bibs have been available from Room to Bloom for a very long time.  That's because I'm not strictly speaking of the "dribble" kind.  I'd like to introduce you to BIBS of Denmark.

Established in 1978, BIBS is a premium, innovative Danish baby and toddler brand committed to offering sustainably produced, original, safe, and aesthetic products.

Just to confuse you a little more though, BIBS do indeed make bibs, but they also make pacifiers (AKA dummies or soothers).  

For some time now I've wanted to provide you with pacifiers for your gift hampers.  I was just waiting for the right ones to come along.  They had to be safe, a suitable style to support breast-feeding and of course, sweet as pie.  I think pacifiers are a really thoughtful gift addition, particularly to a baby shower gift.  There is something intrinsically cute and traditional about them and of course, they're practical too.  New parents will thank you for arming them with these little gems.  These pacifiers are adorable.  They have a lace-style design and come in absolutely gorgeous colours that match in with everything.

Speaking of matching in, let's get back to bibs.  Yes, bibs, not BIBS.  Are you going a little cray cray yet?  I'm also now stocking a beautiful range of muslin double-layer bandana BIBS bibs which match with the entire Room to Bloom collection.  The colours are so pretty, they're great quality and what I love best is the little pocket for holding baby's new pacifier.  They really are the smartest bibs. 

Check out the new BIBS range here.  Let me know what you think.  I'd love to hear your feedback.

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Hey Diddle Diddle

Hey Diddle Diddle

Do you remember your favourite childhood nursery rhyme?  How about your favourite toy?

There's something intrinsically special about a child's favourite toy.  Up to 70% of young children develop strong attachments to objects such as toys or blankets. In studies, psychologists have found children become emotionally attached to cuddly toys because they intuitively believe they possess a unique essence or life force.  Even very young children become attached to these intangible qualities that cannot be replicated.  

A child's favourite toy, often one of their first toys, is likely to become a very important part of their daily routine.  In fact, that special toy may even become a part of a child's "growing up" story.

A quality, timeless toy is a beautiful, thoughtful gift to give a new baby. 

Recently launched in store is the And the Little Dog Laughed collection.  Designed locally by Kylie Platt, each high-quality soft animal has its own unique personality and features a cute little bio its swing tag.  Kylie has a passion for fabrics and design, and designed the range with different fabric combinations, adding layers for detail and effect.  

These high-quality toys are simply lovely.  Each is unique, super sweet, and perfect for inspiring a child's imagination. Just like a favourite nursery rhyme, these toys will never be forgotten and always be cherished.

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More Happy Little People

More Happy Little People

There's a huge adjustment when a new baby arrives, especially for other little family members.  I still remember watching my two-year-old stepping into her big sister shoes.  It was certainly a tricky time for her and as her mother I remember feeling so much guilt.  Suddenly all the time I usually spent with my little girl was being absorbed by the new baby.  The brain fog I experienced, made it so difficult to come up with new interesting play ideas.  It was at that time that my little girl decided daddy was her favourite, which was admittedly a relief, albeit a little heart-breaking too.

If I'd been gifted some Happy Little People activity cards at that time, I think I would have cried tears of joy.  I could have referred to them during the in-between newborn moments when I really needed some inspiration for fun toddler activities.  Likewise, the cards would also have given my husband great age-appropriate play ideas.  

That's why I'm so delighted to now be stocking the entire Happy Little People Activity card collection.  The First Year card deck has been really popular since its launch last year and now you can order a little something for the siblings.  Choose from the Second Year, Third Year and Kinder Years sets.

Did you know, I'm happy to wrap a sibling's item separately?  Feel free to let me know the sibling's name, and I'll include a little gift tag with the child's name.  I bet a surprise gift would bring a big smile to a little face.  After all, the more happy little people, the merrier the parents.

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Meeting the Makers at Melbourne's Boutique Trade Fairs in 2022

Meeting the Makers at Melbourne's Boutique Trade Fairs in 2022

Last weekend I had an exciting day visiting the Life InStyle and Big Design gift trade fairs in Melbourne. Set inside the grand heritage-listed Melbourne Exhibition Building and the historic and iconic Melbourne Meat Market arts space, these fairs were a feast for the senses.

It's been a long two years without fairs, so I felt really grateful to once again immerse myself in the "creators" world.  The talent of our local designers is brilliant and inspires me to stay focussed on bringing you high-quality, innovative and stunning new products.

Whilst I had the opportunity to catch up with some of the talented makers behind my current brands, I also enjoyed making new connections and I look forward to sharing new finds with you over the coming months.

I consider every item in my store as a work of art.  When you choose from my beautiful gift range, please know, in turn, you are supporting many other small Australian businesses and artisans. 

On every brand collection page in my store you'll find a little bit about that business and how it came to be.  If you have time, I'd encourage you to read these pages as their stories are inspiring and will give new meaning to your gift-giving.   

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Looking for the Best Baby Gift Hamper?

Looking for the Best Baby Gift Hamper?

There must be a gazillion baby gift hampers on the market, so here are the top reasons to choose a Room to Bloom Baby Gift Hamper.

1. Any arrangement of gifts is possible.  That's right!  Any of the Baby Gift Hampers you find in my store can be changed a little or changed or lot.  If you're feeling super creative, you can design your hamper from scratch. The process is simple and you are in control.

2. You needn't read endless lines of text to establish what's in your hamper.  On each Gift Hamper page, all items are listed individually with clear images.  By simply clicking on the item name, all the detail about that product appears in a new tab, including additional images.

3. Because you can clearly identify the contents of each hamper, there are no sneaky cheap fillers making your gift hamper appear more abundant.  No new parent needs to receive useless, second-rate bits and bobs.

4. I understand you have a budget.  Who doesn't, especially with the cost of living right now?  Every gift hamper includes itemised pricing, so you can confidently understand the price breakdown of each gift hamper.  This also makes it easy to adjust the contents of a hamper to meet your budget.

5. Trusted Brands.  You can count on the quality and value of each item.  Not only are these brands produced to the highest, ethical standards, they also represent the latest fashion and are the go-to brands for new mums and the style-conscious shoppers.

6. You only deal with me.  I am here for you every step of the way.  I can accurately and quickly answer any questions you have and ensure there is no delay in the arrangement and dispatch of your gift.  I'm contactable by phone, email, text, social media messaging etc.  I'm confident of my products and service, so you can always reach me.

7. With almost ten years of experience, I can foresee any potential order issues and preemptively, check various aspects of your order without you even realising it. I check your shipping address is complete, make sure there are no double-ups in the order, ensure you have included a gift message and that it includes your name, and more.

8.  I send you a professional photo of your gift, complete with your written gift message before your gift arrives at its destination.  I began this practice after feeling disillusioned sending flowers to family and friends.  Many times, I would be left wondering if the delivered product had even been accurately represented and described in the first place.

9.  I don't file any order until it's been safely delivered.  Even after you receive your shipping confirmation, I track your delivery to ensure it's safely delivered into the hands of your loved one.  I realise the intrinsic value of your gift, not to mention the monetary value.  If there is any delay or complication with a delivery, I will follow this up with Australia Post and have it sorted in the shortest time-frame possible.  It's all part of the service!

Finally, if you don't believe me, please listen to my customers.  My reviews are genuine and unfiltered and for that, I am proud and grateful.  

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10 Reasons to Love Bubba Organics Skin Care

10 Reasons to Love Bubba Organics Skin Care

As a proud stockist and user of this beautiful skin care range, here's why I love Bubba Organics.

1. Australian-made.  Every product is made in Melbourne, Australia to support local industry and reduce the carbon footprint.

2. Enriched with a premium aloe base, its waterless formulation is beautifully hydrating and goes further for families.  Aloe replenishes essential moisture to skin in a way cheap fillers like water simply cannot do, making it perfect for the whole family to use.  

3. Pure, gentle & free from parabens, petrochemicals, sulphates (SLS), mineral oils, synthetic colours & fragrances.

4. Natural preservatives like oregano, thyme and lavender are used to ensure the integrity of the products and prolong their shelf-life.  With the exception of fresh Australian goats milk, all ingredients are plant-based.

5. Careful ingredient selection goes above and beyond safety guidelines to ensure the formulations are safe and extra-gentle for everyday use on sensitive newborn skin.

6. All Ingredients sourced from ethical suppliers. 

7. Never tested on animals.

8. Eco-friendly, recyclable packaging complements modern nurseries and bathrooms (and gift hampers too!)

9. Awarded certification by Safe Cosmetics Australia who deemed Bubba Organics products to be Australian Certified Toxic-Free, Made Safe Australian Certified Non-Toxic and Australian Allergy Certified.

10. A winner of a number of prestigious awards over the years. 

If you're still not convinced, read these Bubba Organics testimonials.

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It's all in the detail.

It's all in the detail.

I've just introduced three gorgeous new toys from Jellycat London, extending the Room to Bloom collection of blossom bunnies.  These adorable flowery bunnies have been a huge hit.  Is it their retro floral ears and feet or simply the range of covetable colours?

If you love the colour sage, you'll love Blossom Sage Bunny.  Her serene green colour and delicate pastel blossom accents are a perfect combination.  This beautiful bunny will be the highlight of her gift box as she makes her way to her special new friend. 

Due to popular demand, Bea Blossom bunnies are also back in stock and they're available in two sizes - Blossom Bea Small and Blossom Bea Medium. 

If you're looking for a bunny with a twist, consider a Jellycat Blossom Bunny Comforter.  Is it a toy, or a small blanket?  Let baby be the judge.  This comforter has been designed to help babies self-soothe, settle and support themselves through developmental changes.  Two colours are available - Blossom Blush Bunny Comforter and Blossom Silver Bunny Comforter.

It really is all in the detail.  Delicate, dainty and delightful - three words to perfectly describe these blossoming beauties.

You can view the entire Jellycat London collection here.

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