The best gift ideas for winter babies in 2019

Winter is just around the corner and perhaps for you or someone you love, the arrival of a new baby is also imminent.  So what do you buy a baby who's about to enter a whole new world during the chilliest time of the year?

I have two children.  One was born in a sweltering February, ten days late I might add, the other was born a few days before winter officially began.  Both pregnancies were entirely different, as was the start to their lives.  We're told to keep our babies rugged up and warm, particularly during sleep time.  With my summer baby, it was a bit of a balancing act between keeping baby warm, and ensuring she wasn't overheating.  For my winter baby, I was able to confidently embrace all the warm, snuggly accessories available.  I came to learn, in winter, many baby "accessories" are actually "essentials".

So, what are the winter essentials?  When choosing clothing, select long sleeves and long pants.  A onsie can be an even better option as baby's back and tummy aren't exposed to the cold every time he or she is transferred from the bassinet, the car seat or from one person's arms to another.  Onesies are also a great idea as they keep baby's toes super snug.  Some onesies also have fold-over cuffs to keep baby's tiny hands protected.  Our beautiful new range of growsuits from Wilson and Frenchy are a great place to start. 

Warm socks or slippers are also a must.  These can worn with pants or over onsies for extra warmth.  Our Lamington long stay up socks are great as they stay on while also keeping baby's legs warm.  Our new Alimrose pom pom slippers are so cute and the matching bonnets are also a great way to keep baby's head warm, including baby's ears.  Don't forget, in most cases, babies don't have a head full of hair yet to help them retain heat the way nature usually intends.   

Keep baby wrapped up.  Wrapping a baby mimics it's safe, cosy experience in the womb.  Not only does wrapping keep baby warm, it also offers the benefit of comfort, and comfort promotes sleep.  I suggest you use a generously sized muslin swaddle or jersey wrap for successful wrapping.  We have a range of beautiful 100% cotton muslin swaddles that are perfect for swaddling.

Moving from the outside chilly air into the dry heat indoors will sap the moisture from mature skin, let alone a baby's sensitive skin.  Winter is an excellent time to give a new baby a good quality moisturiser.  I love our Bubba Organics Bottom Cream.  It's not only good for bottoms, it's excellent for moisturising all of baby's vulnerable skin.  It's also a great moisturiser for a new mum's hands which are prone to drying out with all the extra hand washing and sanitising.

There you have it. Give baby a warm welcome to the world with a beautiful winter-inspired gift hamper, full of stylish, cute as a button, seasonal must-haves.  This is a gift a new mum will truly appreciate.  

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