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Our next chapter begins

Just over eighteen months ago we conceived, developed and launched Room to Bloom.  No matter how far we searched, our online shopping experience left a lot to be desired.  Some stores we found tried to be everything to everyone, churning out hamper number one, two or three for every occasion.  Other stores had disappointing hamper offerings with quality being sacrificed to make way for quantity, packing in as many second-rate products as possible.

We were looking for an inspirational online experience.  This was our motivation for creating Room to Bloom.  Unlike regular online shopping experiences, our store encourages customer input and creativity.  Firstly, we give you the chance to choose your gifts from our premium gift range and secondly, we give you various gift wrap and gift box options, to complete your gift - according to your taste and your budget.  Gift-giving is a personal experience and this is why we want to personalise the online shopping experience.  Based on feedback from our customers, we believe we have achieved this.

Now we begin chapter two, a relaunched store.  If you're a returning customer, you'll see that we haven't changed too much of the presentation you've told us you love.  We've just grown up a bit.  We've simplified the shopping experience, making it easier for you to shop on your mobile and keep track of your cart.  We've changed layouts to make way for an extended product range.  We've also made it easier to share the products you love via social media.  These are just a few of the improvements.

We hope you love our new site as much as we do.  Thanks for all your support.

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