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Introducing BIBS

Introducing BIBS

You're possibly wondering why I would be introducing BIBS when bibs have been available from Room to Bloom for a very long time.  That's because I'm not strictly speaking of the "dribble" kind.  I'd like to introduce you to BIBS of Denmark.

Established in 1978, BIBS is a premium, innovative Danish baby and toddler brand committed to offering sustainably produced, original, safe, and aesthetic products.

Just to confuse you a little more though, BIBS do indeed make bibs, but they also make pacifiers (AKA dummies or soothers).  

For some time now I've wanted to provide you with pacifiers for your gift hampers.  I was just waiting for the right ones to come along.  They had to be safe, a suitable style to support breast-feeding and of course, sweet as pie.  I think pacifiers are a really thoughtful gift addition, particularly to a baby shower gift.  There is something intrinsically cute and traditional about them and of course, they're practical too.  New parents will thank you for arming them with these little gems.  These pacifiers are adorable.  They have a lace-style design and come in absolutely gorgeous colours that match in with everything.

Speaking of matching in, let's get back to bibs.  Yes, bibs, not BIBS.  Are you going a little cray cray yet?  I'm also now stocking a beautiful range of muslin double-layer bandana BIBS bibs which match with the entire Room to Bloom collection.  The colours are so pretty, they're great quality and what I love best is the little pocket for holding baby's new pacifier.  They really are the smartest bibs. 

Check out the new BIBS range here.  Let me know what you think.  I'd love to hear your feedback.

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