NEW SNUGGLE HUNNY WINTER KNIT BEANIES HAVE JUST ARRIVED! Newborn Baby Gifts and Gift Hampers delivered Australia-wide since 2012. Customised gifts for individuals, groups, corporate employees and client gifting. NEW SNUGGLE HUNNY WINTER KNIT BEANIES HAVE JUST ARRIVED!

Choose Sustainable Baby Fashion this Summer

Choose Sustainable Baby Fashion this Summer

Here comes the sun.  Who's ready for lighter fabrics, brighter colours and fun prints?

Wilson & Frenchy's Spring/Summer 2022 collection is here now and it's totally blissful. Because one-piece suits are so functional, popular and easy to gift, you'll find all the Wilson & Frenchy short-sleeve, long-leg onsies at Room to Bloom.  Perfect for all seasons!

Discover these adorable themes:

Bonjour -  This classic theme includes Chasing the Moon and Leaf Stripe.
Seaside -  A coastal collection with Ollie Octopus, Dawn Stripe, Seaside and Little Pelican.
Feeling Fruity -  Playfully features Fruity, Little Clover and Plum Stripe.
Peek-a-Boo -  Cheeky designs include with Roar, Peek-a-Boo and Squiggle.
Summer Garden -  Look for sweet Little Swan, Little Garden, Perfect Pears and Toffee Stripe

All featuring stunning, original Wilson & Frenchy hand-drawn illustrations.

They don't just look beautiful, they're beautiful through and through.  The exceptional materials and workmanship make each timeless piece suitable as a hand-me-down for years to come. Wilson & Frenchy is dedicated to its ethical approach to production and its impact on the planet. 

When you choose Wilson & Frenchy collection, rest assured you are choosing a gift not just for your little one but for the future of little ones around the planet.

“Sustainable fashion is not a trend but the future.” – Antonia Böhlke, founder and editor of MOCHNI, ethical magazine and fashion directory for a global community of conscious people

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