NEW SNUGGLE HUNNY WINTER KNIT BEANIES HAVE JUST ARRIVED! Newborn Baby Gifts and Gift Hampers delivered Australia-wide since 2012. Customised gifts for individuals, groups, corporate employees and client gifting. NEW SNUGGLE HUNNY WINTER KNIT BEANIES HAVE JUST ARRIVED!

What's new from Snuggle Hunny?

What's new from Snuggle Hunny?

Have you checked out the new designs from Snuggle Hunny?

They're easy to identify.  Just click on the Snuggle Hunny collection, and look for the products flagged with "NEW".

There are four adorable new floral designs including Camille and Spring Floral which are both available as Jersey Wrap/Topknot sets.  If you prefer muslin swaddles, Camille, Spring Floral and a third design, Golden Flower, also come in muslin.  If you do choose muslin, matching topknot headbands can be purchased separately.  The fourth floral option is the Pink Wattle Jersey Wrap set with matching topknot beanie.  If you love pink and Australian natives, this may be your number one pick.    

If you're looking for something a little more gender neutral, there's a gorgeous new Koala print available as a Jersey Wrap set (with matching beanie) or a muslin swaddle.  Alternatively, there's the Bronze Palm Muslin Swaddle. 

If dinosaurs are more up your alley, you'll adore the new Dino Muslin Swaddle and matching beanie sold separately.

These styles are already selling like hotcakes, and there are a limited number available.

Do you have an all-time favourite Snuggle Hunny design?  Feel free to share your favourite SH design with me in the comments box below.  I'd love to know. xx

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